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Whom is QueenZany or Audio Loves?










Here is my story about fate and How QueenZany and Audio Loves came to be! ❤️

Several years ago, while at my prestigious job as a Public Relations and Marketing Director.

At this point in my life, I had given up on fairy tales. I didn’t believe that thing called “fated love”. I met the man that would change my viewpoints on fated love forever. Yes, I was a jaded 20 something year old that had the world her fingertips. Then the man himself walks in the room. To which I hated him from his charmingly, cocky demeanor and that fricken arrogant smirk on his face.❤️😂 Well, kids things changed quickly after our second date, he proposed. The Mr. aka “Vicious” as I love to call him! (insert snicker) It’s simply a nickname, from a character that is a striking similarity to his own demeanor. Which I adore, that snarky bastard part if him! It’s his charm! God, I love this man! We married 6 weeks later. After a year of marriage, I decided to take a step back from career and become a hands-on mother. Shocker I know! To see my two incredible and I might say beautiful daughters grow up. Is my great achievement!

Fast forward several years to one of the most important life’s episodes that changed my life!

“Fifty Shades of Grey” This movie was being released and the news was everywhere! My friends (I call them my partners in crime) persuaded me to pre-order tickets to go and watch “Fifty Shades of Grey.” They also suggest I read the series before the movie came out and dealing with the Catholic guilt that was eating me up inside. Yet, I agreed to read all three books. Scoffing under my breath “Like hell, I will Like these trashy books.” ❤️😂 As my friend suggested my reading she giggled! As though I was a complete buffoon!

I can still remember receiving the books. My lovely friend had double wrapped the box set of books in plastic bags! Then handed them over to me after dropping off my daughters at their school. Did I mention that they were going to their Catholic School? It so looked like a bad scene from a movie!

This “Fifty Shades” box set was the start of my book addiction! I was now hooked and for the first time, I had an insatiable craving for Romance books and audio books to devour, every fricken word! Devouring a book was something new! This one action completely changed my life! I was seduced, mesmerized, and place under E L James Author spell by her first paragraph.


“I scowl with frustration at myself in the mirror. Damn my hair – it just won’t behave, and damn Katherine Kavanagh for being ill and subjecting me to this ordeal. I should be studying for my final exams, which are next week, yet here I am trying to brush my hair into submission. I must not sleep with it wet. I must not sleep with it wet. Reciting this mantra several times, I attempt, once more, to bring it under control with the brush. I roll my eyes in exasperation and gaze at the pale, brown-haired girl with blue eyes too big for her face staring back at me, and give up. My only option is to restrain my wayward hair in a ponytail and hope that I look semi-presentable.”


Looking back In retrospect, my childhood was difficult because I struggled so much with reading issues and I thought my life was completely helpless. To say I was so hard on myself was an understatement. As I recall now, I was finally diagnosed with Dyslexia in a private school in Mexico City. At that time, my mother was finishing her Art History Museum Master’s program museum internship at the Museum of Anthropology there and since; we had relocated I had to take an entrance examination. The private school discovered I had a learning disability. I was told that I had severe Dyslexia, which I now know runs in my family.

At least now I knew I had reading problems; the next steps were how do we fix it? Well, after several years my determined mother placed me in a six day a week learning disability session at UCLA. I recall struggling to read the same sentence three times to make it click (compression) in my mind!

Sure, I did finally learn to read but, reading "Fifty Shades of Grey", as an adult finally provided me with a true sense of peace within myself. At that moment, I envisioned it as if the light switch just clicked! The lights were on in my brain and the gears were all rolling. BAM! FYI, I completed all 3 books in a little less than 4 days. These books started my love affair with reading! Now I was on my way, as the world came to a standstill. WTF do I read next? Who can claim my heart like Grey? What will I read next? I soon discovered Sylvia Day’sCross in Crossfire Series” and now I was completely hooked on Romance books. Then came the “Gabriel's Inferno Series” by Sylvain Reynard, “Blackstone Affair Series ” by Raine Miller and “The Stone in the Sea” by AL Jackson! These 📚 build the foundation of my love for reading, book reviewing and blogging. That's how m blog Queenzany was born and the pen name ! I can’t thank these writers enough!

I quickly discovered my love for audiobooks at the same time! Boom! Hence, my unhealthy appetite to consume audiobooks like a crack junkie had begun! I guess to most people audio is nothing more than something you hear but, if you're a visual person like myself, you retain it better. It seems that the words hit you harder, the depth and emotions play out in you. Just like a filmic version in your head! The moving visual narrative was my point of view (POV) since I had worked on film production in my past. Yes, the love of audio can also stem from producing PSA’s and filming editing.

What do you after discovering the meaning of life (Books)? Ha Ha!❤️💕❤️💕

I hunted down the authors of my favorite books on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and followed or I would say stalked them. I soon started writing book reviews, blogging and audiobook proofing for fun. Learning what style of writing I preferred and what narrators worked for my picky taste. Well, that was all pretty easy! Yet, I notice there was of lack of dialog between the audiobook world, the traditional book reading world, the audiobook fans and the narration world!



So, I had a crazy idea to start my own group! Audio Loves Group was created from that simple idea. To merge the worlds of audiobooks, books and voice actors (audio narrators) and audiobook fans! Simply a blending of all these forms and to see if it would work. Which it seems to be working. The Audio Loves Group is turning a year in February 2018.❤️🙌🏻❤️

Which in free time I also started audio proofing, audio betaing and beta reading on a regular basis. So, sure why not throw, an Audio Loves Page in the mix as well? Apparently, I thought I had so much extra time on my hands! LOL But hey I’m blessed that the Page is doing stellar, even though I run that page on my own. Every bit of contentment, signage and mouthy word is from yours truly! I sometimes get a little OCD compulsive about the page and the group because I worry about the mass media design end product like and branding!

What makes a good audiobook? In my opinion, it's the sound quality, the narration and if the narrators sound the appropriate age of the characters they are portraying! The storyline is always a key factor! Without a fabulous storyline, we would be at a loss! As an audiobook listener, you have to be able to envision the storyline coming to life! Almost as a film coming to life in your mind and ears!! Then you have hit the mark! Audiobook perfection! Soon I had my preferred narrators or actors as I think of them.

On a personal note, I never talk about my blog to people outside of my creative bubble and or my literary vision. I’m not one that likes being in the public eye and it makes me cringe, like a rash to think of it!

My daughters said this today "Mom you're an introvert, you close yourself off to people who either have hurt you or you don’t care for. You are social with people when you have to and can be the kindest person and give your shirt off your back, just to make them smile. But, you not the public-people person your people think you are! Maybe that’s why you have always been huge behind the scenes person.“

Hence I sometimes need a drink before doing a live FB chat in my group! We are all human, I’m just cut out for the behinds the scenes!

I think for instance if I met E. L. James in person, I would lose my shit over it! People would see me as casual when in reality I am losing it the inside! FYI I would quietly lose it when I had to host a press conference. lol

Thank you for all for letting me share with you my personal passion, and share with you a small insight into me as a person and my great love for this book community. Plus thank for all of you for continually supporting the Page, the Group and letting me be me! This honest as heck hellion, that drops F-Bombs every 5 seconds and just can’t keep her mouth shut! Yes, I’m the Queen of Ramble! Just, Loves you all so much!

Let’s make 2018 a great year and just spread the LOVE!!!





(Please take note that I do not own this Page or the group for financial gain and at no time have I ever gotten paid nor given gifts to promote products or persons! I have a generous kind heart which means I give so much of myself. I have always had this mindset you have to give to receive in life! So, I do! Everything coming out of my very own pocket. For example giveaway prizes! I cringe when I think of asking for donations. It’s so not me! Which I don’t, that is unless a kind-hearted author or narrator donate it.)


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